Best known for their bulbous burritos, you'll be happy to know Chipotle makes the same basic thing in the form of tacos. Of course, Chipotle is ideal in so many ways, especially for people such as myself who would like to eat decent food and yet still live right around the poverty line. It's fresh, yummy, you can have a margarita if you want for around $3.50 and you don't have to tip. Just clean up after yourself and get on with the rest of your day.

Meat choices: Steak, Chicken, Stringy Beef or Carnitas. I usually go with the Carnitas. Such was the case with the tacos you see here:

At Chandler Mall in Chandler, AZ

Taco Bell: Fun for the Whole Family

The soft taco supreme from Taco Bell.

The Taco Supreme is my favorite thing on the menu. Made from a secret recipe going back for generations. What's the secret recipe? I don't know and i probably don't want to know.
Regular Taco Suprem, hard shell. Before:
And after.
The Steak Baja Chalupa. Too greasy for me, but the wife likes 'em.

The Home-Made Chile Taco

Flashback to childhood, when i used to hate chile. For this reason i tried putting it in tortilla shells to curb that chile bite. Then i grew up and realized that chile is really good, so i still put it in tortilla shells. Cheese, meat, tomatoes ... wrap it up for yum.

Once upon a Taco Bell in Tucson

The other other day i was in Tucson, so i visited a Taco Bell i used to frequent during high school. We ordered our food, sat down, and then notice that the lobby was loaded with people who had been waiting who-knows-how-long for their take-out. I looked behind the counter and it looked like maybe one (out of four) guys was doing anything. We ended up waiting about 45 minutes for our precious 99 cent tacos.

El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco


Another Taco Bell Story

I ran into someone the other day at Taco Bell. I knew this guy from high school. I noticed that the cash register engineer forgot one of my tacos. I pointed this out to the guy. He said, "Yeah, well it wouldn't be Taco Bell unless they messed something up, right?"

The next time I visited Taco Bell, it was via drivethrough. I ordered three tacos, including one chicken soft taco, and an extra-large drink. They gave me a large drink and, instead of a chicken soft taco, they gave me a taco with chicken in it, smothered with tons of secret sauce. Here it is:

I didn't eat it.

Casa Reynoso, Tempe AZ

The East half of the dining area... authentic Mexican metal for decoration and real wooden chairs for sitting on.

Authentic Mexican Art: Two Dancers.

The Bar area. Dox Equis and Bud Light from the tap. Margaritas between 6.50 and 8 bucks. Beer? Good. Margaritas? Very Good.

At the entrance, the Reynoso Family.

Authentic Mexican feast. My wife got the "Gollo" which is a combination of green pork, whole beans and cheese. Also good green enchilada style. Meanwhile i got the combination plate (for obvious reasons had to get a taco). I also got a red mixed burro and an enchilada. What is that white stuff, why, that's only the most essential ingredient to all Mexican food: Sour Cream. I am right about this. The president of Mexico would agree with me I'm sure.
Homemade salsa in my Machaca taco... that machaca taco was so good, it had some sauteed onions and peppers mixed in with fresh string beef.

Authentic Mexican high chairs, a variation on the typical American high chair, adapted for use in Mexican restaurants.
As you look around, there's no doubt what a family-oriented place this is... like here, you can see pictures of Reynoso family and friends.

Juan Jaime's Tacos and Tequila

Juan Jaime's has it's own style. Reminds me of Chipotle and Baja Fresh blended together, complimented by a generous bar (Juan told me there's over 50 top shelf tequilas).

The food is good all around, my favorite meat option is the chicken. Always a nice presentation.

The decor is top notch, good fung shuwee
...and here's the Salsa bar. i recommend the pico de gallo.

They just opened a few months ago, so best wishes Juan Jaime's!

Taco Bell (also known as "Toxic Smell")

Sometimes i crave Taco Bell (referred to by many as "Toxic Smell"). This is obviously not a logical craving because there is nothing nutritious about anything served there. Yet i crave it. Often. Why? as Mike Myers would say, because of addictive chemicals that get into your system and make you crave it fort-nightly.

It tastes good, and it's cheap. unlimited refills on the soda. and service is usually fast, except sometimes, such as the other day when me and the wife went to Taco Bell at 1:30 in the afternoon and it still wasn't open because the manager hadn't shown up. The employees were sitting around there to inform us.