Casa Reynoso, Tempe AZ

The East half of the dining area... authentic Mexican metal for decoration and real wooden chairs for sitting on.

Authentic Mexican Art: Two Dancers.

The Bar area. Dox Equis and Bud Light from the tap. Margaritas between 6.50 and 8 bucks. Beer? Good. Margaritas? Very Good.

At the entrance, the Reynoso Family.

Authentic Mexican feast. My wife got the "Gollo" which is a combination of green pork, whole beans and cheese. Also good green enchilada style. Meanwhile i got the combination plate (for obvious reasons had to get a taco). I also got a red mixed burro and an enchilada. What is that white stuff, why, that's only the most essential ingredient to all Mexican food: Sour Cream. I am right about this. The president of Mexico would agree with me I'm sure.
Homemade salsa in my Machaca taco... that machaca taco was so good, it had some sauteed onions and peppers mixed in with fresh string beef.

Authentic Mexican high chairs, a variation on the typical American high chair, adapted for use in Mexican restaurants.
As you look around, there's no doubt what a family-oriented place this is... like here, you can see pictures of Reynoso family and friends.

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